Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Blogging all over the world.

Well, this is the pfg, out in the big wide world wide web of blogging.

As those of you on purplecoo will know, my blog is called The Three R's blog because it relates to the Rantings, Ravings and Ramblings of an approaching old-age, New Age granny. Who wears pink DMs. (That's Doc Martens for the uninitiated!)

My first blog was a quiet little thing, it just poked its snout around the door, had a look to see if anyone was watching. They are such a friendly and supporting lot on that site, so different to some others I have heard about, where there is a lot of froth about and not a lot of substance, where status is all, appearances come a close second and sometimes behaviour degenerates into childishness. So I am told.... but I had been told that blogging and chatting on forums was fun, especially on purplecoo, so I stuck my toe in the water and found it all to be true.

After much encouragement, I decided to take my blogging out to a wider audience, and if the ladies at purplecoo will excuse me, I will just repeat that first one, for the sake of those not yet privy to my three r's.

I talked about this marvellous book I had just bought, called 'The Gentle Arts of Domesticity' by Jane Brocket. In the book the distinction is made between domesticity and domestication, to my mind rather like the difference between home-making and house-keeping. When my children were small, I like to think I combined the two... well, you have to don't you? I was creative and housewifely, doing the chores and playing games, making preserves alongside greetings cards and stripey jumpers and mittens.

Then when the children were no longer children and wanted to lead their own lives, I was in my early forties and went back to work, but realised after a couple of years or so, that I had done this just to help me through the transition period between being a hands-on 24/7 mum to a sometime when they need a bit of advice mum. I know many ladies find it hard, this empty nest syndrome really hits them like a ton of bricks. But it wasn't so for me.... I didn't miss them exactly.. what's to miss about half the washing no longer there, no fridge raiders taking my last bit of cheesecake, no BOOM BOOM of music I didn't understand or like, nobody on the phone on the rare occasion I wanted to call someone.

No, I didn't miss them, but I needed to re-define myself, and the period at work helped me to realise it was time to get back to the domestic goddess bit. So out came the bags of knitting wool, the glue, the glitter, the ribbons and the beads, the paper and cards, the half finished sampler(s), the needlepoint cushion cover, the cross stitch tablecloth. Once again I was back into making preserves, pottering in the garden, going for quiet walks by myself, reading in the summerhouse, having a quiet meditate under the apple trees, making STUFF, and quite simply, enjoying being me, by myself.

Of course, I looked forward to the end of the day when my darling husband came home, and still do, it's the highlight at the end of my day, something to look forward to, seeing that lovely smile, knowing he's happy to be home, away from work. And he is greeted by a totally relaxed wife, who has spent her day doing just as she wants.

I have to say I am not into exercise, even though I know it is good for us, essential some say. But I figure with a large garden to look after, and the hourly sessions I spend on a couple of mornings a week doing heavy housework, like washing windows, cleaning cupboards and so on, well, that has to be enough exercise, surely? Well, it is for me.

So there you have it, a rambling from the pfg, who now signs off, wishes you happy reading. But I will be back - soon. You have been warned.


Ivy said...

welcome to the blogging world.

Wooly Works said...

Woot! Woot! I came, I read, I liked it so much!