Thursday, 28 May 2009

Five things that made me smile today

There are quite a few blogs where the writers talk about what inspires them, what makes them glad to be alive, what they are thankful for, so sorry if you've heard it all before. Even I succumbed and did one some time ago. But I make no apologies for doing another in the same vein, I think it does us good to relish the good things in life.

This is a pretty cream-coloured wire heart, bought last year to put Christmas cards on, and once the cards came off, it was too pretty to be stuffed into a cupboard with the box of vintage baubles, the fairy lights and sad fairy. So I decided to use it in my work room, to display all the postcards sent to me by friends on holiday, or just cards to say HELLO! Trouble is, when Christmas comes around - just over 200 days to go! - I won't want to relinquish it, so guess we'll need another one! I like to look at the cards, not to look at the places they depict, as you can see, many of them don't show places at all, but to remember the lovely friends who sent them - I know at least one of you will recognise a card (or two) you have sent. Does it please you to know it's kept on show I wonder?
This is my sewing thingummy box... thingummies being those things you want, but can't quite find the name for.. the quick-unpick for undoing stitches, and the cotton threader so necessary for those of us with poorer eyesight than when we first began sewing, as well as the plastic templates for patchwork, bias binding, tape measure and so on. It has a striped inside, and I just love it.

Don't love the feet, but love the slippers. I am a fan of the ballerina type as opposed to kitten heals with maribou fur trim, the slip on mules which more often than not slip off at inopportune moments (climbing the stairs as a rule), the slippers masquerading as rabbits or some such silliness, and the old lady tartan, furry lined type. These are palest pink (getting paler because I keep shoving them in an old pillowcase and giving them a wash in the machine when they get a bit grubby, I so can't bear to throw them out!) and softest suede-y type fabric, with lovely felt flowers as you can see. There's not much to smile about when it comes to feet - and that's not just mine but anybody's - but when they have pretty slippers on, it's a different matter.

I can't resist Norfolk Handmade soaps. They lather well, have fabulous, natural scent and don't cause me any skin problems. I suppose the latter should be the most important reason for buying them really, but it's the scent that does it first and foremost for me. Here is a traditional Norfolk Lavender, gorgeous Rose, Jasmine, and Geranium and Rose Petal. I love anything rose-y, so that is my most favourite, at the moment. I also love them because they have those bits in, which are brilliant for exfoliating without pain. I recall using a soap in the seventies and eighties, which came in an orangey wrapper I think, had a fab smell and lots of rough oatie sort of bits in it. For the life of me, I can't recall what it was but I loved it and was sad when I couldn't get it any more... bought it from Boots if memory serves me right.

Ah well, this small package of wools came this morning, Patons Smoothie as used by Vanessa who thought very highly of it over on her blog - do you mind if I knit? - and so I bought some for crocheting with, squares to make a comforter for a friend, or maybe myself, not sure yet. But opening a package of wool always makes me smile, even though I know what's in it. Opening a parcel of books has the same effect, and any time now I am hoping to get the first parcel of books from the RNA for reviewing for this year's award. I just love getting parcels I don't know I am going to receive as well...
All these things make me smile, so what has made you smile today? Doesn't have to be five things, but I hope at least one.


Cait O'Connor said...

I love those pastel wools and all your cheerful photos.

Arosebyanyothername said...

Having had my granddaughter for the last three days has given me plenty to smile about - although a few frowns too!
I also smiled at ChrisH's new movie on her blog and I did quite a bit of grinning when making my own.
I smiled when the sun came out as I thought I might get a bit of gardening done.
I am hoping that I will be laughing a lot this evening when I join in a rehearsal for tomorrow night's entertainment in our amateur theatre company.

Mid Life Hopes said...

Lets see...
Your blog has made me smile!
I helped out a lady this morning in distress, and though she was having a difficult time, in the end she was smiling and hugging.
That makes me smile!
Oh so many things make me smile, I just love to feel happy and comfy, and helpful.
I love what you wrote about, and we should always think of things that make us happy.
Right now, I am having a fresh cup of coffee, and it is so yummy!!!
: ) MLH

vanessa said...

That Patons yarn is gorgeous isn't it? So glad you're pleased with it too! And thanks for sharing your lovely precious belongings.............. the heart shaped card holder and it's content is wonderful1
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Pondside said...

This post made me smile too. The slippers were the best and I can see how one could easily become attached!

Calico Kate said...

I LOVE knowing the cards sent are hung on to!! So flattering, esp if one has made it!
Really like that wire heart and quite agree that it is too nice to put in a cupboard, far more useful on the wall anyway.
Lovely blog PFG.

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