Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A brief crafty blog, with a bit of a rant thrown in!

It's funny how you get fads isn't it? How, once you start doing something crafty, it's the only crafty thing you want to do? Or is that just me? I have always meant to crochet flowers, never got around to it. Got books of designs for knitted and crocheted flowers, all of which terrified me slightly with their diagrams of stitches (I prefer the written word to a diagram), and their complexity of pattern. I am a basic person in most things I do... I have basic cookery/gardening/knitting/sewing/crochet skills, and they suit me just fine. I have neither the patience nor the time really for extending the skills, and as long as they satisfy my crafty needs, then that's fine by me. But at last I found a flower pattern.... and since then, every odd bit of suitable wool has been turned into either a small granny square, or a flower. As you can see... and several of you will already have seen the large orange on in the front of the above group. I made it into a brooch, and sent it to a dear friend, Katiemac, aka Calico Kate, and she made a blog post of it, which elicited many compliments, for which I thank you.
Does the 'I LOVE YOU' button remind you of the love hearts sweets?

This is the result of the crochet squares from a previous blog, turned into a cushion, same front and back.

And this is a tapestry cushion I just unearthed. I made it many, many years ago, on ten count, with two ply wool, two strands together from cones, to give it a tweedy effect. It was looking a bit sad and squashed and dusty, so into the washer it went, and out it came, all plumptious and pretty again.

Cushions feature a lot at the moment... the picture below is of a cushion that Katiemac sent me, posted the day she received my brooch coincidentally... doesn't it look at home on my chair?

And this is it, closer.... she used her shirt front idea as the cushion back, which is so brilliant I am now hovering around my husband's wardrobe waiting for a shirt to be considered past it enough to be ditched. Trouble is, when they get soft and worn, that's when they are at their most comfy isn't it, so I may have a long wait! But to have that ready made opening with buttons and buttonholes already made is just such a good idea isn't it?

And this is my opal fruits ripple cushion...

But if this is a bit too loud for you, then maybe you'd prefer the back...

Here are some more flowers just made... I really must try doing something else now.

And finally, a little rant... and a question about saving/wasting money in the NHS. Yesterday evening, my husband received a text from our local surgery, reminding him he had an appointment this evening. To me, this seems a gross waste of money... I have no idea how much a text costs; I do have a mobile, but haven't switched it on for months since nobody knows the number and it is only there for emergencies (like the landline is only there so I can use the computer!). But my pragmatic husband, if that is the right word (pragmatic that is, not husband!) says that it is probably seen as a saving, since they lose so much each year in missed or cancelled appointments. What say you all... a waste of money, or a saving?
Right, this is my little posting for this week... off to net the pond now, birch leaves blowing about the place now, yet it doesn't seem a year since we were doing it last. How time flies when you're having fun....


ChrisH said...

I love the opal fruits design. Ma says her dentist always rings to remind her about her appointment so, presumably, they feel that it offsets the cost of missed appointments. It's sad 'though that the NHS incurs costs because folks are tardy about not notifying the relevant authorities if they're unable to attend.

lampworkbeader said...

Love the cushions, what talent.

Calico Kate said...

Thank you for the complyaments re cuchion am pleased you like it. B has lost several shirts to the cushion cause!
I love the back of your ripple cushion bestest coz I like the flowers appliqued to it.
Texts can be sent from the computer so maybe not an expense but rather a good idea. I know that the cost of missing a dental appointment here is 'stronomical but they make the appointments so far a head of time and a long wait for the date to come around that it would be easy to forget and thence incur expense, and the wrath of the receptionist. I know a couple who would be grateful for this service - my parents not us!! Texts can also be sent to landlines as electronic voice messages so maybe not too bad an idea really.

Jenny said...

Love your crochet, particularly the ripples. As far as the text messages go, I would prefer people to take more responsibility for themselves than be nannied by authority. If I arrange an appointment I put it in my diary and on the computer, plus commit it to memory. If we don't use our own brains they might stop working.

Mark said...

I think the opal fruits is the best - loud is good somehow.

Hospital texts - doubt they actually pay for them individually, more likely rolled into a contract or sent from a PC.
Not sure if it's a good idea or not. I know that missed appointments are big cost and it annoys me when people don't turn up at the doctors while others have to wait for an appointment.

marigold jam said...

Have just discovered your blog and I love it - will certainly be adding you to my list of blogs I follow. Lovely crafty things and I do so enjoy a little rant too perhaps because I too amd starting to wear my red coat and purple hat and why not eh?!


Vista Gal said...

Lovely crocheting ans completing the objects!!
I love your ripple cushion and the colors that you have chosen!
The little flowers are wonderful and I now will have to try to create some of these for Tegan.Maybe even for me!
I know you are surprised to see me here, yes I am ready to set off tomorrow a.m.
Here we generally get reminder calls from our doctors. Some beauty shops charge or missed appointments!
We should all become more responsible for our appointments.
I have not heard of texting though. It must be a sign of the computer age.
Our laptop is dead, and I am finding that I will have separation anxiety while we are gone. luckily our friend will have one with him. Perhaps he will let us borrow it for a post? Ciao!

The Fairy Glade said...

Love the opal ripple, the colours are so pretty together. I also like the way you have made it with the ripples going up instead of across. Dev x

Cait O'Connor said...

I love your tapestry cushion, you are very clever making all those beautiful things.
I am with you in the ranting - money is wasted hand over fist in all the public services, I should know I have mostly always worked in the area.

Mark said...

Re. your comments on my blog about yours - not inane at all: rich personal and quietly confident.

Interesting that you keep a private diary too - like I said, journals are a different thing to blogging. I have written so much that I would never want to publish, but it still gives me pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

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