Thursday, 19 November 2009

A touch of the blues, with some purples too.

Well, this opening picture may not be exactly blue, or purple (though there are some dark purply bits there) but I couldn't resist using it. Taken from my workroom window at seven thirty this morning, quite spectacular. At the back of the house, which I couldn't quite capture, it was dusky bluey grey with deep rosy pink brushstrokes of colour splashed across it. But the colours were glorious, whichever way I looked. What you can't see is the way the smaller clouds are scudding across the sky at a fast rate of knots, for it is windy here. Or was... it seems to have abated, after having sent a garden chair across the garden yesterday, and the mini plastic greenhouse upended. Today less windy, but even so, I gave up rescuing washing when pegs gave up the struggle and things were left hanging, well...not by a thread, but a single peg. Our postie declared it not as 'knackering' as it was yesterday, cycling head-on into the wind, but added that compared to some, we were very lucky. I know this from friends in the north-west who have told me of swollen rivers, flooded roads, and with more rain to come, a desperate time of worry over the next 48 hours or so for them.

And no, this isn't a blue movie, but the DVD is a rather fetching shade of blue, don't you think? This is one of my favourite old movies of all time, and so I couldn't resist getting it, along with another Julia Roberts for the collection, ERIN BROCKOVITCH, though as she's in a bright hot pink case, wouldn't quite fit here. Do you think that Cary Grant would have resorted to Botox, had it been around, to fill in the chin dimple as a certain celebrity chef is said to have had done recently?
Well, this definitely falls into the blue and purple category. A throw recently finished. I had the idea for the colours in my head, and so made up this design, with a separate flower attached to the central square, as you will see from the photo beneath this one. It is done in quite a thick DK wool, lovely and soft, and somehow looks a bit Red Indian-ish to me... maybe the colours? Maybe just my weird imagination. Whatever.... I had originally thought to try and sell it, but now think I might just keep it.

Some of you will have seen this fluffy, heart-shaped cushion before... it fitted the theme of the posting so I have included it again. I made a few of these, was going to make one in a rose pink shade for my granddaughter, but those of you who know me will know why I decided not to bother.

The pudding was more purply than it looks here, honest....

I have got back into the baking habit lately. I used to bake cakes and so on when the children were small, but when it was just down to us two old fogeys, I stopped. But now I am back into it again and happily spend time on a Saturday morning, whilst himself is out in the garden usually. I am tucked away in my lovely snug kitchen, making a mess, happily baking away. But I do like my short cuts too, and this pud was one of them, since the spongey bit was from an old Yorkshire Farmhouse Kitchen recipe book (is there anyone out there who also used to watch this I wonder, back in the seventies?). It involves one egg, two ounces of butter, three of sugar, four of flour, all chucked in a bowl and mixed up, with a little milk added if it needs it. Hence it's called 1-2-3-4 sponge!!! I also use cake liners courtesy of a certain company in the North West, so I have no tins to grease, or greaseproof to cut. I simply put a layer of blackcurrant jam on the base, then added cooked plums, pears and apples, tipped the sponge on the top, smoothed it out, and baked. Delish served warm with custard, or cream, or ice cream, though it's not really the weather for that, more a comfort food time of year.

Now this is definitely blue, and shows how changeable the weather is. These were taken a week ago, when we had days of glorious sunshine, which had been preceded by misty grey and damp days, and were then followed by this wet and windy stuff. But the leaves of the birch are still hanging on, despite the strong winds.

Well, this is me for now, hoping you are all safe from floods, not losing your electricity or roof, and thanks for popping in, as usual.


marigold jam said...

What a colourful post. Love those silver birches with their fluttering golden leaves against that cerulean blue sky! Love that pud too - must have a go at that sometime as it sounds easy but delicious. I don't remember the programme in the 70s but only because we didn't at that time have a television! I am constantly being made aware of my age when reading these blogs either because the blogger is my ages and remembers the same things or because they are so much younger it is all something from the history books for them!

Windy here but not the dreadful gales of last week.


....Petty Witter said...

Good to have you back blogging. What a wonderful, colourful post - it brought a smile to my face this miserable, damp, windy afternoon. That sky was such an amazing colour, beautiful.

Mark said...

Welcome back - could I have a slice of that pudding please? Just a little cream if you don't mind.... oh, go on, a bit more then.

Quilting Cat said...

Love the blanket, you are a VERY neat worker, my squares always go scew wiff. Are there any leaves left on the birch today? The leaves are hanging on down in Dorset despite terrific winds, need a frost I guess. Good to have you back.

Frances said...

Thank you for your comment!

From your post, I can see that you have also been quite a busy lady. The crocheted afghan is a beauty, and I agree that your crocheting is just perfect.

The recipe seems like an absolute winner, and reminds me how long it's been since I've done any baking. Thank you for the inspiration.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I enjoyed your post. I love that old Cary Grant movie, and no, I don't think he would've resorted to botox. At least, I don't want to think he would've. He just seemed to get more distinguished as he got older, he didn't need that sort of thing. Thanks for your wonderful comments to me on my blog. They were so sweet, and I was blessed by them. She must've been a special friend.

ChrisH said...

I enjoyed seeing some blue sky - ours has been very grey, not that I've been able to see very much of it with the rain lashing at the glass. Also felt a very strong sense of you baking in your kitchen, clearly its something you enjoy.

Calico Kate said...

Love the look and the recipe for that cake PFG Ohhh yum! Di you see River Cottage and that delish looking pear cake? Have promised B I would cook it though fortunately not WHEN I would cook it!
As a reaction to your wonderful blanket (no way I could part with it) a note to self - LEARN TO CROCHET!!!
Lovely post.