Friday, 18 December 2009

It may be a cliche but.....

... when it snows, it really does turn the outside world into a 'winter wonderland'. Can you just make out the twinkly lights on the summerhouse? So pretty.... we had over four inches of snow, and incredibly strong winds last night, the latter disturbing all the twinkly lights strung around the garden, so that when the snow finally clears, we need to get out there and put them all back where they should be. Shrubs and so on are weighed down with snow, birds struggling to get on the feeders. But luckily for them I have a daft soft-hearted lovely husband who braved the falling snow to go and lay food under the holly tree, where the pigeons can't get it, where there is no snow, and within minutes robins were back to eat. They had been scrabbling around looking desperately for some food, which is what prompted the explorer like trudge across the garden!

The lacy window is pretty don't you think? This is the north-facing window of the front porch first thing this morning. I just love snow, a big kid at heart I suppose, and so I was out in the garden taking the above photos whilst husband had breakfast, he being the more sensible of the two as you can see! Though would a sensible person go out in the heavy snowfall to feed small birds? Anyway, it looks beautiful from the inside, but venturing out brings a whole new different perspective to the lovely white stuff.
And be warned, here beginneth a small rant!
We had planned to go shopping this morning, though I was a tad worried at the lack of traffic through the village. Normally one hears the bread van delivering to the shop down the road, buses, and on Friday, the dustbinmen. Well, the latter made it at least. But the road was snow covered on our side, less so on the opposite, so not much was coming into the village, but the usual amount of people going to work etc., was leaving. So, rather than turn left out of the drive - once we got out of it that is because there is a slight dip just at the end then a slight rise onto the pavement - we turned right, going along towards the bypass. We would have been surprised, though pleased, had the gritters been out along the main road through the village, but felt sure they would have done the main A road, the bypass, the main arterial road linking the bigger towns. We were dismayed to see that NONE of the road had been done at all, traffic was crawling, and listening to the local radio station in the car when drivers were phoning in to report on the state of roads, one man who lives in our village and works on the same estate as my husband, had left home at the normal time of 7.15am, which would have got him to work by 7.40 at the latest.... two hours later he still hadn't got there, so that means that by the sound of it, absolutely no roads at all, not even one where there is a hospital, had been treated. It seemed to be the same across the whole of north Norfolk.
Speaking for our own area only since I know for a fact the road hasn't been treated, this is a disgrace. They can't pretend they didn't know about it, for we were told at the beginning of the week to expect 'significant snowfall late Thursday night, early hours Friday morning'. There have been severe weather warnings for the last twenty four hours, so why has nothing been done? As usual, the country grinds to a halt, even when we are prepared. Most of the schools around here are closed, buses are few and far between and taking hours to do relatively short journeys of twenty miles. Even when prepared and warned, it still causes chaos.
So, winter wonderland it may be, but only if you don't have to go out in it. We have abandoned plans for shopping, having enough food for a few days, and so I can just enjoy the sight of it falling, gently at the moment, in huge white flakes.
Wherever you are, I hope you have the weather you want, and none of the chaos you don't want!


Quilting Cat said...

Lovely photos PFG and snow presents a very pretty scene but as you say, plenty of warning given so roads should all have been gritted. Still very cold and bright here in Dorset so I will go into town and glad to here your storecupboard will see you well for a few days. Keep warm.

marigold jam said...

How beautiful it all looks but like you I always wonder why it is that we grind to a halt at the first sign of winter snow when other countries manage to keep going even though they have far worse conditions to contend with grrrr!

Stay in the warm, enjoy the picturesque outlook and let's hope it all clears before anyone needs to get in fresh supplies!


Jenny said...

It's the same every year as soon as the snow arrives chaos begins. The working hours lost while commuters crawl along our roads must be thousands of pounds worth, money the country can ill afford to waste. It would probably be more efficient for everyone to stay at home and admire the view from their window - just like you and I. Keep cosy.

JP said...

the snow looks very pretty - we in the North West didn't get any as usual!!!!

webb said...

And it's the same "across the pond". Your photos could have been taken in my backyard in Virginia, USA. They did finally clear the road about 10 minutes ago, but ours came Thursday night as well.

It makes the world seem very small that we are having the same weather "here" as "there". Merry Christmas!

magsmcc said...

Weather for car blankets and flasks of tea indeed! We don't suffer quite so severely in Co. Antrim, and can enjoy without too much inconvenience! Happy- and cosy- holidays!

Mark said...

I remember the snow from my childhood in Northumberland - months of it - the trudge to school, clapping hands and stamping feet.

If I'm honest, I don't like snow. Yes, it is pretty, but I hated it so much as a child that I find it hard to be jolly - and I can't bear the way everything shuts down. We seem to shut up shop in the face of only a few inches.

So I was grumpy this morning when it was minus 6 here in Wiltshire - but then the sun came up and the trees sparkled: even I had to agree it was beautiful.

Have a good Christmas

Calico Kate said...

Gorgeous pics PFG. I envy you your snow but maybe not the roads. We have had snow over night but only about an inch if that. I LOVE snow!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your winter wonderland pictures are beautiful. We don't get much snow here, so it really shuts things down when we do. I'm just like you though, I love it; but I don't have to work in it. That might change my feelings a bit. Have a wonderful Christmas.

ChrisH said...

Beautiful photos.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Vista Gal said...

When I first saw the picture as I was scrolling, I thought that you had decorated the garden house with some cotton on the roof to resemble snow!
We Never have snow in Southern california. I love the beautiful vistas with snow covered streets and hills, etc. but do remember the feeling of freezing fingers and toes and cheeks and nose! Not fun!
Lovely to look at, but I prefer the warmth of the California sun!
It does make foe the perfect " White Christmas".

Flowerpot said...

what wonderful pics, PFG. We just had black ice here in Cornwall!

gaohui said...

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