Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Life's too short to live the same day twice.

Someone more famous than me said the above about life.. but there again, so many famous, and infamous people have probably uttered a quote about life at some time or other, but this one struck a chord.
I am not a creature of habit really, other than things I have to do every day. I prefer to wing it, go wherever the mood takes me, do whatever I feel like doing, and if that be sitting reading a book for most of the day, so be it. As long as my chores are done, I can do so with an easy conscience. But I do like variety in life, and so the above picture reflects some of my activities for the week.
One morning there will be tarot morning with some female friends. I am a reader of the cards, did a course in it, and find them fascinating though like most things, don't take them too seriously. Another morning will see me finishing off the boring bit of sewing up knitted hearts which have been stuffed with smelly stuff... love the knitting of anything but do find sewing up a chore, hence there are lots of scarves knitted from time to time, to give me a break from the sewing-up. And I shall also sort out wool for the next project, which is bedsocks, cabled or lacy, all soft, some fluffy.
I am going to have a writing day as well, with work on my novel and my writing course, answering letters to friends that are long overdue as well. No emails, just the luxury of choosing a lovely fountain pen, some coloured ink and coloured stationery to complement or contrast, stamps and a walk to the post box. The emails will be for another day.
There will be an afternoon closeted in the kitchen, and hopefully the weather will be as miserable as it is at the moment so I can listen to a story tape whilst making apple chutney and Grandma's Apple Cake.
I will spend Saturday morning shopping at small local-ish shops, with a trip into the nearby market town the day before. Hopefully an hour or two in the garden, weather permitting, to start filling the garden waste recycling bin before the next collection. We do compost a lot of things, but make full use of this scheme to save trips to the tip itself, which is quite a distance from us. Sunday will be a day of rest, apart from cooking the traditional Sunday roast dinner with pud. An afternoon of reading magazines, snoozing and generally being very lazy indeed.
And here will endeth my week, with no two days the same entirely, the time away from the necessary housewife/domestic goddess chores being passed with doing some of my favourite things.


Mid Life Hopes said...

Hello to you, love your writing! I love the title you have for this one, and oh so true!!
Count me in as a faithful reader.
Rachel :)

elizabethm said...

You are lucky to have the freedom to live that varied week!

Cait O'Connor said...

I love the sound of your week. I will be glad to retire so I can have more free time.

Ellie said...

What a lovely week ... I think a lot of your favourite things are mine too.

gaohui said...

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