Saturday, 15 November 2008

Passion in November

I thought finding one of my gorgeous poppies in flower in October was quite amazing, but how about this? A passion flower plant in bloom.
Obviously, the eagle-eyed gardeners amongst you, well J A-S anyway, will notice that the leaves and foliage are not that of a passion flower. (It is in fact a thyme, in a planter under the kitchen window, easily accessible) The plant itself is growing in my neighbours garden, up a conifer, and hanging on our side of the garden divide. But, it is at the bottom of the garden, behind our shed, where it actually doesn't get that much sunlight (even less on a dark and damp day like today) but presumably enough to encourage it to bloom. There were three flowers on it and my husband has removed this last one just so I could take a quick snap of it.. in the wind and rain... but a cheery sight on such a day, nevertheless.


LittleBrownDog said...

Lovely photograph. I discovered a tiny field strawberry right at the end of last month, and have a nice juicy raspberry right now in the middle of November - what is the world coming to?

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for all your nice comments. Am just off to have a good long read of yours.

LBD xx

Mid Life Hopes said...

lovely flower!
Looks very tropical.
We just have leaves!!

Calico Kate said...

Weird weather weird world. We have only been able to get these to flower indoors. Lucky you.

lampworkbeader said...

How lovely. We have cobea still in full bloom, and odd sight in November

Miles McClagan said...

That's an awesome photo, take it from someone who couldn't grow a carrot...