Friday, 1 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR .. and may all yours be white!

To all my blogging chums, fellow crafty folk, avid readers and hopeful wannabee writers... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
This was what we woke up to this morning, an inch of fresh snow, broken only by the large footprints of the local pheasant and a young male black and white cat, who are regular visitors to the garden, though not at the same time obviously! Refreshingly cold, not that painful uncomfortable cold (apparently that's coming for us next week, something to look forward to then!) but the sort that revitalises you and fills your lungs with clean, fresh air. So peaceful too, but then, so was last night. If there were fireworks, we didn't hear them... but we are always fast asleep by midnight anyway!
But it is at this time of year I always feel hopeful, positive, energised with new ideas for the decor of our little home (so we bought new blinds for the conservatory yesterday, taking advantage of bargains - we only went out for storage boxes!), for the garden, this year the summerhouse gets a revamp. I'd like to say, so do I.... and at this time of year I never make resolutions, for they put too much pressure on you I think. But I have good intentions... like losing weight is a given, I say it every new year, and the best I can hope for with my medication is to control it.. if I am lucky. I intend learning how to use my sewing machine for something other than everyday stuff.... taking up a subscription to my favourite writing magazine again, for a year, and to do some creative writing exercises for at least a couple of hours one day a week, probably Wednesday. Because it begins with W too (for Writing) and is easy to remember that way. I am not good at routine. Had years of it of course with young children growing up, then a part time job. But I think getting into some form of routine with my writing is the only way it will progress, but it will be hard sticking to this resolution I know. A bit like cleaning the oven, if it's something I tell myself needs to be done, I can prevaricate with the best of them and ALWAYS find something better/more useful/more interesting to do... even ironing has its appeal at times like this!
And the other thing I am doing is a creative calendar, which many of you will know about from who has laid down a challenge. I had already started mine anyway, having been inspired by sights of her own calendar on previous postings on her blogspot.

This book is my inspiration. It is so easy to read, gives you ideas aplenty, if you need a kickstart in the arty department. I just don't need a kickstart, I need to be pushed along as well, for I am not that good an artist. No, correction. I am a lousy artist. I can design abstract and other designed cards, can do freestyle tapestry, but when it comes to actual drawing... forget it. However, Violette in the above book tells you how to draw a face. I followed her instruction and voila, I had a face. So this has filled me with hope - and determination to try harder with this as well. So I am starting with the calendar, using bits from the JOURNAL BLISS book for inspiration.

I love the colour purple... this has come out more virulent than it actually is I have to say, but I wanted to start the year with a colour I particularly liked, to inspire me to carry on, and because I love the colour. I have two inch squares of blue card cut out and a plethora of bits and bobs to play with to add texture and colour.

I saw this carrying bag in a certain craft catalogue a couple of years ago, it comes in two different sizes. I loved it, wanted it, but couldn't justify the cost. Then sometime last year (nearly put 'this year' then!) it was on sale, so I could suddenly justify buying it.. to myself only you understand, my lovely husband never questions what I spend our money on. Then it sat in a cupboard, as I couldn't fill it, it didn't look right with needles and yarn, didn't seem designed for that, even though I had seen it so filled. Then I bought pots of paint, discoverd boxes of chalks, tins of watercolour pencils, glue sticks, felt tips, gel pens..... and all those little pocketses were about to be filled.

Then there are packets of paper notions, different shapes and colours and designs.

Then a box of rubber stamps and inkpads.
And suddenly I have enough crafty pieces to be going on with, though I still want some smaller pots of acrylics. And no doubt by the time I have finished looking at the craft catalogue again, there will be a few other little items I can't manage without!
I am also coming up to my one hundredth posting on this blog and plan a giveaway all to do with knitting. But more of that anon.
For now, let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I have so enjoyed this journey through blogland, read some fab blogs, some not so good so they were only read the once. There are some intersting, talented, funny bloggers out there, mainly women it has to be said.. or maybe it is only women mainly who follow me. I know there is the lovely Mark with his often thought-provoking postings from the bikeshed, and my old friend Fyldecoaster, who has finally got his blog up and running at if you fancy a bit of nostalgia, which is the theme of his first posting, and possibly future ones as well.
I look forward to reading more of your postings, all of you, and your comments on my own blogs.
Thanks for dropping by as ever.


cheryl said...

Nina...wishing you all the best for a healthy and peaceful 2010...


violette said...

Nina.....i'm so happy that you have been inspired by my book journal bliss! I love the purple color you have laid out on your pages and your colorful artsy kind of makes me want to play right away! I think if you left it somewhere where you'd see it every day that you'll be making art a daily practise. Same with your writing - if you have some writing implements - like papers, pens etc. say out in a pretty decorative tray (you could always make it yourself from cardboard and decorative papers)- you'd probably write a bit more each day.

Happy New Year!

Love, Violette

Jill said...

Happy new year to you.
Heaven is some paper, colours and glue with a bit of variation of course!!

webb said...

Dear PinkFairy,
Can you give me some guidance on where to get a subscription to a writing magazine (never thought of that!) and how to get some writing "assignments". Would really like to practice, but ideas are my short suit right now. That sounds like a good way to get some discipline going.

Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, but have enjoyed it. Happy 2010!

Vista Gal said...

Happy New Year, Nina!
Your back garden looks lovely covered with the fresh blanket of snow. It seems so serene.I love your blue garden bench.
Good for you setting out to work on a new challenge in the journaling and calendaring. I shall have to check out Violette's challenge.
Your new art sack looks so inviting
and actually inspires me to go into my studio and take out all of my goodies and create.
I think this is why my doll friends like to get together, we can always try something new together and encourage each other while e create.
Getting into that room though is the most difficult step and this year a schedule is a must for me.
I am going to make myself a list of projects and check them off as they are completed.
Possibly a new post!

Flower Girl said...

Happy New Year! Looks as if you're all set for a very creative 2010 & I look forward to hearing all about it here! Rebecca x

JP said...

a really good lot of thoughts and aims that I so identify with! - I have just started writing poetry again after going on a course and have booked some more for the new year - I think I shal have writing Wednesdays too!!!

Calico Kate said...

Great uplifting positive inspiring post. Just what one needs for the New Year. Love your art bucket, and your plans for the year, you won't have time to blog!
Happy New Year to you both dearest PFG.

Jenny said...

Good for you, all fired up to take 2010 by storm as you surely will. Look forward to hearing all about it.

webb said...

Thanks for the thoughts. I would be happy to share "progress reports". Might be a bit like AA co-sponsors! I have done some googling of articles and books and now think I want to go to a bookstore and see what I can touch. What I really want is my 8th grade teacher to stand by me and say, "today, write 500 words on ____." but doubt that I will find anything that rudimentary. But let's try. I actually have an idea for this week - only 51 to go!

Mid Life Hopes said...

I love your energy, its such an inspiration!

I myself am a year behind..

Wonderful read!!

Hugs and Smiles

Jill said...

Nina - you need a good dose of Wreck this Journal if you want to loosen up your style. I was always very inhibited in allowing myself to 'let go' until I gave myself permission. Get yourself a cheap book and just mess it up - remember, anything goes, embrace your mistakes and never rip out a page if you don't like it - instead change it. Googling Wreck this Journal will lead to lots of ideas, don't but a book on it don't join a group, just do it - have fun!

webb said...

So, did you write yesterday? I let life interfere and didn't carve out time, altho I thought a lot both Tuesday and yesterday about what I wanted to write, and got up early this morning to put the words on paper. It's a start.

magsmcc said...

Wow- I've read down to here and my head is full of thoughts and more thoughts. Love the craft carrier- may thus even more productivity be yours! My hubbie has a blog- but admittedly goes to it monthly rather than daily!

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TransferontheSpot said...

I envy your creativity!! Timeshare Relief